Monday 27 May 2013

monochrome flowers..

I need a new pair of sunglasses, right? I've only got two but i don't know where the other pair are and these are my favourite so i wear them with everything, boooring! But it's something i'm looking into on Ebay. Of course i've found so many from China, those guys must love me over there! An order nearly every week, haha!

Love love love this pinafore playsuit! I saw it on missguided and put it on my Pinterest wish list to remind me about it but then i ordered the blue jacket from Daisystreet and found the playsuit there too so i thought there's no point ordering from two places? Couldn't be happier, its a great fit and such a nice item to add to my forever growing summer wardrobe :) Would also recommend if you're going on holiday this summer and are looking for a nice little playsuit - The colours are very monochrome so easy to find shoes and accessories to match, if you're unsure with that sorta thing. There's so many different colours and patterns on the site so definitely go have a look, they've also reduced the pinafores to only £16.99 which is a bargain for these! They're on Missguided too but i'm sure they've all sold out.

Thanks for reading and let me know which playsuit you prefer :)

Hat - Ebay
Crop top - Topshop (Similar here for more than half the price)
Playsuit - Daisystreet
Shoes - Ebay
Terri x


Saturday 25 May 2013

a mint summer..

 Saw this dress on the 'new in' section on Missguided this week and loooved it, there's a few colours but i opted for the mint, again! It's such a nice loose dress for summer, good to feel comfortable in. I styled it with my white shoes and accessories and think it looks quite good?

It's a gorgeous day today, sun shining so think some of the photo's make the dress look abit lighter than it actually is! Would definitely suggest a dress like this for summer, there's others like this in a few different pastel colours which are key for this season.

These shoes are one of my favourites just now, so comfortable but look amazing! I'll be getting the black pair soon too :)

Thanks for reading!

Dress - Missguided
Shoes - Ebay
Bag - Primark
Terri x

Tuesday 14 May 2013

a million bucks..

 Hey guys, hope everyone survived Monday :)

I received a few things from Krisp at the weekend and this shirt was one of them. As you can see it's a gorgeous baby blue colour which is great for summer and adds a pastel colour to your wardrobe which is bang on trend this season! It's a lovely material and shows great quality - definitely worth the price. It comes in black, cream and pink too so have a look :) But note that it's an oversized shirt (Mine is a few sizes bigger than my actual size) so if you don't like the big and baggy look like mine then i'd recommend your normal size or smaller if you want it quite fitted. 

The jacket i got from Boohoo before Christmas so it's sold out but i'm sure you may find similar on ebay for a bargain! This jacket has been sold on many clothing sites so you might have seen it elsewhere.

Thanks for reading :)

Jacket - Boohoo
Shirt - c/o Krisp
Leggings - Quiz
Boots - Boohoo
Terri x

Sunday 12 May 2013

smart dungarees..

 So, this is one of my favourite outfits that i've put together in a while. I love my dungarees from RI and the Jacket looks aaamazing!

The jacket's from Daisy Street which is now my new Missguided, haha! I saw it in their New In section and fell in love. It's extremely comfy and has a gorgeous leopard print inside. I'm all about trying new things and the blue is quite unusual for a faux leather jacket but the colour is lovely and works well with the black.

I got the dungarees from River Island about a month or two ago but i'm sure they're still in store? I saw them online and loved them so had to go check them out in store the next day - of course i got them. Some of you may have an old pair sitting in the back of your wardrobe somewhere so don't be afraid to get them on again! I had denim dungarees when i was a kid and wore them all the time - I still love them! :) These come in a few different colours and patterns aswell which is great for summer - If it ever comes?

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog :)

Jacket - Daisy Street
Dungarees - River Island
T-shirt - Primark
Bag - Primark
Boots - Garage shoes
Terri x

Tuesday 7 May 2013

mrs. stripey..

Gorgeous day today! I definitely did not need a jacket or hat so left them at the house! Just a quick outfit put together this morning, probably seen most of what i've got on before but the blouse. I bought it from New Look about a month ago and never got an outfit post done on it.

It's days like this i wish i tanned but i just go bright red so fake tan will have to do :( spent the day outside having Nandos, now i'm sitting writing this with a banging sore head - too much heat and cider for one day!

Thanks for reading, sorry it's a short one!

Hat - Ebay
Jacket - River Island
Blouse - New Look
Leggings - Quiz
Shoes - Garage shoes
Terri x
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