Friday 29 July 2016

SUMMERTIME | The casual bardot top..

 Hi guys,

So i'm back with another casual summer look just in time before we say our final goodbyes to this wonderful weather!

Fell in love with this bell sleeve bardot top the moment i saw it, its different to any i've seen elsewhere and is so comfortable on! I've worn it a few times now and have got compliments every time, thats when you know it was worth the pennies ;) This top also looks fab with some high waisted denim jeans and nice pair of barely there heels.

I had been hunting for these sunglasses for what feels like years when i finally got my hands on them at La Moda about a month ago, now i've honestly got like 2 or 3 pairs from different brands.. Why? I have no idea. It took me so long to get them that i felt the need to stock up in case they went on the run again!

Paired the top with my denim shorts from River Island and sandals from Topshop just to keep the look super casual, but like i said it looks great with a pair of heels too!

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Sunglasses - La Moda
Top - Mango
Shorts - River Island
Sandals - Topshop
Bag - Mango

Much love,
Terri x

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Tuesday 26 July 2016

ESPRIT | Accessories wishlist..

(All photos from

So guys, i've been introduced to a fashion brand called Esprit and i've got to say i'm impressed! It honestly caters for any age and has the the most amazing accessories online! So any of you that have been reading my blog for a while now, knows that i love wish list posts cause you know, a girl can't have everything she sets eyes on!

1. Watch HERE - The colours, the face, the contrasting strap, this piece is absolutely stunning. I prefer gold colours to silver as i think they look more pricey and the colours always look so nice with a tan. The face of this watch is so simple and feminine that it could be worn with any outfit your planning, and the colour of the strap is soft enough to pair with loads of colours. Beautiful watch that will never go out of fashion.

2. Earring HERE - These earrings are so unusual, i love them! Click the link to see them on the model.. They're so simple and minimal that you can get away with them through the day or for a night time look! I'm also loving that white marble pattern on them that's dominating instagram at the moment. Winner!

3. Belt HERE - Anyone that knows me well knows that green is my favourite colour, i love all shades. More than half my wardrobe is khaki - The other half black! The colour of this belt is gorgeous, the only thing is the buckle is silver so i wouldnt be able to wear my gold jewellery but thats not a problem, i'll make it work, haha! It's funny when you love something so much and you can justify buying by simply saying "i'll make it work"

4. Sandals HERE - Now these aren't gold, they're the "new silver" ones. I love how they're so easy to wear and add a bit of style to quite a basic summer or holiday outfit. I also love how they've got the ESPRIT brand logo printed across the strap, making them look that little bit more expensive! These are in my basket for my holiday in November :)

5. Trainers HERE - I absolutely LOVE these, i'm definitely considering buying them as i just love the colour, the style, the contrasting sole, everything! I was going between the silver and gold and thought nah the gold look so much nicer and trendy. Some times metallics and colours like these can look a bit tacky so you need to be careful, thats sort of the vibe i got from the silver ones but the gold ones are beyond beautiful!!

6. Bracelet HERE - Anyone else just love the minimal look? Jeans, nice top and trainers or pair of heels? This bracelet is a great statement piece and is different to the usual necklace that everyone opts for. The three bands with the little charms on them will look great to add a little something to whatever you're wearing.

So i'm currently sitting with a few things in my basket from Esprit, those gold trainers are a definite buy! What do you think?

Thanks for reading guys!

Much love ,

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Friday 1 July 2016

MANGO | Chloe lookalike handbag..

 I know what you're thinking, i've seen that handbag somewhere? Well you're probably right as it's a great lookalike of the Chloe Faye bag! The best part is, it was only £39.99 but now reduced to just £19.99, absolute steal ;) The bag looks so much more expensive than it is and the suede feel and colour will go with any outfit.

I love this outfit as the denim compliments the beige colours so well.. If you're not one for heels then swap for some white or beige nikes for a more dressed down and casual look.

I named this look Mango, as again, the whole outfit is from Mango apart from the shoes! Mango are a hidden gem, people have a totally different perception to what they actually are. No, its not for older ladies, no, its not ridiculously over priced and no, its not boring off trend clothes. So if you're ever passing by a Mango store, pop in for a look!

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Trenchcoat - Mango
Jumper - Mango
Jeans - Mango
Bag - Mango
Sunglasses - Mango
Shoes - River Island
Much love,

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