Saturday 7 December 2013

Christmas wishlist..

Everyone has been posting their Christmas wishlists so i thought it was about time i got my one done. I'm hoping to get a few outfit posts up next week, it's just sooo cold outside, all i want to do is sit in my pyjamas with a cup of tea watching TV. But i've got a few nice knits to show you :)

1. I've been needing a new hairdryer for ages now because my one is a bit old and doesn't seem to dry my hair very fast. Plus i've lost the nozzle bit which i need! I saw this Remington Keratin Therapy one a few months ago and started reading more - i like to try anything that will make my hair less frizzy as it's a pain in the bum! I read all the reviews and they seem to be quite positive, saying that their hair is left silkly smooth in no time! However, many were complaining about the weight which i'm unsure of... The first thing i thought about when reading the product information is that it might make hair go greasy faster? If that's the case it's a definite no for me as i don't like to wash my hair too often, i think it definitely ruins your hair! Anyone got this or know of anyone who has it? Let me know please :)

2. Urban Decay is my fav make up of all time! But due to the high price tag it's not somewhere i can regularly buy from. I LOVE spending money on clothes but i HATE spending money on make up. Urban Decay is good quality though and this palette has got so many different colours to choose from including black, which is a must!

3. Now, i found a discounted MK site and i'm not sure if it's genuine or not but this tote bag for only £50? I'll take that! It comes in so many different colours and i was going between the black and green for a while but how amazing would this be for a gift to someone? Michael Kors seems to be all the rage just now meaning it will be all over very soon as that's pretty much how Fashion works but this bag is beautiful and can be carried with any outfit. Love it!

4. I went in to Debenhams on Wednesday to smell perfume and aftershave - I prefer to be left alone to go around smelling all the brands than to be stood at a counter asking for everything one by one while being stared at by the sales assistant waiting for your reaction and urging you to buy it. I literally left Debenhams with a sore nose as i must of smelt about 20 - 30 perfumes. Calvin Klein always seems to come out on top for me. I've got the DKNY Apple just now that's nearly finished because i love the smell of it but i feel like it doesn't really last. This new scent from CK is an amazing smell, this and the Euphoria one!

5. I've been wanting this dress for bloody ages and when i first ordered it Missguided had to refund me as there had be a technical issue with the site and the size 8 wasn't actually in stock anymore. It's all completely out of stock now but i'm hoping they will get it back in soon. It's so gorgeous isn't it?

6. Funny how this is last on this list because it would probably be first on my list. I really want a new camera soon because i'm not happy with my photo's just now at all. Most of them are blurred or don't quite grab every detail of clothing that i want it to. It's quite disappointing uploading photo's then realising the quality is rubbish. I heard the NIKON D3000 is quite good and not toooo expensive from Ebay or that so i think it's a good buy. So yeah, this is a must for me. :)

Thanks for reading guys, what's on your lists?

Terri x

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