Friday 11 November 2016

MANGO | Must have leather trousers..

It's officially love. I'd been hunting for trousers like these for about a year now, after the ZARA ones had sold out and i couldn't find them anywhere. I'd purchased ones from H&M and New Look before, but they never quite cut it. They were a really plastic like leather with one or two zips at the pockets, i only wore them once then realised they were a waste of dollaaaaars! BUT, when i went into Mango the other week for a quick look and to see some friends (i used to work for Mango and never really shopped there before, i had the same perception as everyone else - older market, very expensive) i finally found the perfect leather trousers - with both the biker knees and the multiple zips i'd been searching for, for what feels like forever. The collection they've got just now is the best i've seen, everything from the wooly leather jackets to the finest knits you'll see all winter. Honestly wish i had the pennies to splurge in there for this season. Don't get me wrong, Mango isn't as expensive as people think, the coats tend to be a little pricey and few other random bits and pieces but the majority of items are priced like ZARA or Topshop - Infact, their t-shirts and basics tend to be a bit cheaper in my opinion, i've got loads of basic tops and t-shirts from there for 5 or 6 quid - without discount. Both my favourite ripped denim jeans from Mango were only about 29.99 and some of my favourite knits were only like 19.99. It's honestly one of my favourite stores now and would highly recommend, they cater for everyone and at such an affordable price. I'd also recommend to visit the stores, the website does not do any of the items justice in my opinion, but that's maybe just me?

I watched the collections change every season during the 2 years i was there and they honestly got better and better. The last 2 collections i saw when i was there were on point - season 7 was a game changer, not only for the stylish and on trend garments that were rolling in every week but the prices! Collections were starting to showcase even more fashionable items but at a more affordable price. Obviously i don't work for them anymore but when i went in the other week, the collections and items they've got in store just now are phenomenal. I actually text the visual merchandiser that night praising her work and the items they've got in store at the moment, she agreed that it was the best she'd seen too.

You'll be seeing A LOT more of these trousers on here but today i paired them with my blue Topshop shirt and my Mango trench i got last year. If you don't have a camel coloured trench in your wardrobe yet then make sure you invest in one this season, whether its a high street one from Mango or River Island or a luxury one from Burberry - they're so easy to style, can make any outfit look elegant and will never go out of fashion - a wardrobe essential.

Thanks for reading guys, let me know what you think if you decide to visit a mango store this season.

Have a lovely weekend!

Necklace - River Island
Shirt - Topshop - SIMILAR HERE
Coat - Mango - SIMILAR HERE
Trousers - Mango - HERE
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Mango

Give thanks,
much love,
Terri x

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  1. These trousers are amazing and they look like such great quality too.

  2. In love with this whole look and totally obsessed with that bag!! 😍


  3. Lovely outfit!

    Love Malene ♥

  4. So so so good! Those trousers are hands down amazing and you styled them perfectly!

  5. Those leather pants look really good on you! Lovely outfit :)

  6. I adore Mango. It's pretty pricey here in Canada, so whenever I am in Europe I like to stock up at the outlets


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