Monday 26 October 2020

Top 3 Autumn/Winter Fashion Accessory Trends 2020

 The autumn/winter fashion trends are some of the best you see all year. Sure, summer fashion is bright and colorful, but there's something special about this time of year. You have such an eclectic mixture of clothing items and styles to choose from over the next few months - it's brilliant!

Of course, no outfit is complete without a few accessories. I've done some research and discovered that these are the most popular accessory trends for the upcoming fashion season:

Cat-eye glasses

Glasses are always a popular trend, but they've grown in favor over the years. Expect to see a lot of people walking around with cat-eye glasses in the next few months. All glasses look great, but this style seems to suit the autumn/winter vibes more. If you look at sites like, you'll see the style I'm talking about. It's classy, intelligent, and offers a neutral look that goes with almost every outfit. When I see cat-eye glasses, I think about someone sitting in a cozy coffee shop with warm clothes on and a pumpkin-spiced latte in their hands. Even if you don't need glasses, you can buy lensless ones to feel the vibe. 

Fashionable face masks

Yep, you can't consider 2020 fashion without adding a face mask into the mix! This fall, get ready to see loads of people walking around with extremely fashionable masks on their faces. The longer this year has gone on, the more creative the face mask scene has become. Prepare for some very autumnal colors that will add a brilliant accessory to your fall outfits. As we get closer to Christmas, you will definitely see loads of Christmassy face masks that are both stylish and cheerful. Look, we've all got to wear a mask, so it makes sense to get some that complement your outfits while keeping you safe. 

French-inspired berets

The beret has been a staple of French fashion for generations. In fact, you can't see one of these hats without thinking of a French person. It's a massive stereotype, which has usually meant these hats are out of fashion. However, they have very quickly risen in prominence over the last few months. I think people are more open to trying new things and taking risks these days. As such, the humble beret has become one of the most highly anticipated accessories of the coming season. It's a hat, so you obviously get some protection from the cold. But, simplicity and elegance make it an excellent accessory for your fall outfits. You can almost feel the typical French accordion playing in the background when you put one on! 

For me, these are the three biggest accessory trends to look out for in autumn/winter 2020. I've tried to pinpoint a few trends that we haven't seen that much of before. Obviously, things like scarves, gloves, and bobble hats are all massive accessories in this season. But, they've been around forever and will remain popular until the end of time. If you're looking to spice up your outfits by jumping on a new trend, try one of the three above.

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